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Lefties Rock
In the world of Entertainment there's no doubt Lefties Rock!
Left-handed Girls are Rare
I'm Left-handed.
  What's your Super Power?
LH: Lefties Worldwide
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Made by a Lefty for Lefties Worldwide.

We ship internationally, do custom orders, and are always open to fun ideas for new graphics!
If 12% of the World is Left-handed and Men are twice as likely to lefties than women, that make's Lefty Ladies 
only 4% of the World!  Pretty Rare.

The best Super Power of all, 
being a left-hander!
Lefty or Left-handed in almost every language or slang worldwide!
​Our tribute to the Sport Lefties standout in, even have our own stat category!  In Baseball there's nothing sweeter than a Southpaw!
More Graphics and new graphics coming every month.  Check out our Etsy store!